Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

To use the Ridrip website and other services, please confirm that you have read the following terms

Website Image

– All pictures are real shots
– Do not abuse without authorization

Website Content

– The product will be updated from time to time
– Products that cannot be restocked in the short term will be marked as “out of stock”
– Stock is dynamic, and not fully managed by us due to the involvement of multiple parties including the factory and our warehouse. So the actual stock may change at
any time. Please understand it may happen that your order may be out of stock after the order is placed.
– If you find conflicting content, please remind the Ridrip team


The inventory situation on our website does not accurately reflect the real-time inventory situation. It is possible that your order is restocking or permanently out of stock, we will notify you to exchange or cancel the order in this case. Please understand this situation before placing an order. Once you place an order, we will regard you as agreeing to this term and no further explanation will be given.


– Supported payment methods may be updated from time to time
– The old payment method may no longer be supported on a certain day
– Please follow the payment process on the Payments page to make the payment
– We don’t put auto-payment methods, except credit cards, all payments need to be done manually. Follow our instructions to do it.
– Ridrip has the final right to interpret the above terms


We understand that some return/exchange or order problems may happen in a large number of orders, but in order to avoid additional losses caused by these procedures, we provide physical or non-physical compensation or discounts. Please understand that once the compensation agreement is reached, it cannot be changed.

QC Photos

It’s not automatically applied to all orders, if you need it let us know when you order, and we can send photos of your order through WhatsApp before ship.


Shippers cannot be specified by the customer, we are fully empowered to choose a more suitable delivery method and distributor based on the situation.

Duties & Taxes

Taxes are fully responsible to the recipient. According to the report, only less than 1% of shipments(EU) (The EU’s tax reform may have an impact.), Less than 0.1% in North America are required to pay taxes.

Delivery time

2 weeks for most of the areas. The actual time could be different from expect. We don’t make any delivery time guarantee, If you have a time limit, we are not responsible for possible delays.

Package lost & Seized

If we track the status or we are told that this is the case, we will re-ship the goods for free if we have purchased customs insurance. In other cases, customers need to pay extra to get the second shipment. The number of refunds at the same time varies depending on the situation.

Failed delivery

Please pay attention to and track your shipment in time. If the package is returned due to delivery failure, we cannot guarantee the return can be re-delivery or received by us, because in most cases, the original shipping address belongs to a third party. This means that you have to pay extra to get a re-shipment, or you can only get a partial refund.

After delivery

After receiving the order, please confirm that the condition and everything are good. We no longer provide quality assurance services for orders that have been delivered for a while.


We are not responsible for the consequences of using it out for non-personal use after the customer has purchased it.

Goods Quality Control

– For returns and refunds that are irrelevant to quality, please check the return policy page
– If the package has serious quality problems within 7 days after receipt of the package, please contact Ridrip for negotiation
– Customers need to bear full responsibility for damage and wear caused by human factors

Customer Information

– Ridrip is committed to protecting customer privacy
– All customer information will never be disclosed to third parties
– Order information and inactive account information will expire after a certain period of time and expired information will be automatically deleted

About this clause

– These terms may be updated at any time without notice
– Ridrip has the right to amend and delete these terms
– The final interpretation right belongs to Ridrip

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