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What is the catch?

We get this question ALL THE TIME. And the answer is: *There is no catch.*
The only reason why we are able to offer these premium products at normal prices is because everything we sell are *Unauthorized Authentic (UA).*
That means they were made with the same exact materials as the products you see in retail stores, even with the same exact packaging, laces, zip ties or accessories (if any). For example take a look to this LV Trainers, you can barely see the difference! In the Lv store they sell it for more than $1000.
In order to fully understand this principle (and make sure that our products are almost the same), you would need to know how the industry works behind the scenes.
We explained that in detail on our “About Us” page

Unauthorized Authentic

All our products are made with the same exact materials and stitching as retail pieces. We have an unprecedented attention to detail on how each item feels, looks, and even smells with all tags in placed.


We offer worldwide free shipping for orders above 250 EURO. We work with top-tier delivery companies to ensure that your package can be tracked and reach your destination in the fastest and safest way


In any event that you are not satisfied with your item, we offer a full refund within 10 days if the product is unwashed, unworn and in new condition with all original components and tags still intact

Message us if you have any questions!

Our costumer support team is available throughout the day to answer all your questions, whether it’s about your order or questions about products.
Can’t find the item you are looking for on our website? Send us a message and we’ll arrange it!